The Selby Tigers

We don't mean to pry, but if the marriage is over, and the band is gone, isn't it time to take down the bulletin board? The Selby Tigers live on, thanks to Internet life support, complete with a thread started in 2002 titled "Any shows soon?" that ends tersely in 2003 with "They died." For a while, it seemed as if this St. Paul sandbox fight was here to stay. Ex-members of Lefty Lucy and Arm joined in 1998 to punch out boy-girl-boy-girl harmonies, play video-game arcades, and otherwise earn their namecheck in the Walker Kong song "All Age Club." When the Selbys switched out bassist Nicole Gerber for veteran engineer and musician Dave Gardner, they lost grrrl power but gained a dash of camp: As Mssr. Sammy Gee, Gardner donned a scarf, a pencil 'stache, and a polyester jumpsuit. Before mysteriously withdrawing from local stages a year ago, this lineup had honed their live attack into a series of joyous energy bursts. Now wig-flipping singer-guitarist Arzu D2 has moved on with a new band, So Fox. Her ex, Nathan Grumdahl, continues his fruitful association with Sean Tillman/Har Mar Superstar/Sean Na Na. Drummer Dave Gatchell propels Lucky Jeremy. These projects may be some consolation, but we miss the scratchy, catchy original.


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