Back in 1934 the 11th liquor license in the great state of Minnesota was granted to a Surdyk, and ever since then people named Surdyk have been selling wine and liquor to the most discriminating among us. A lot of wine and a lot of liquor. In fact, lately they have been selling us between eight and nine thousand different bottles of different things. How's that? Well, a lot of it is in the hard-to-find category. If you are in need of the Chilean liquor Capel Pisco, or if you must have a rare hundred-dollar Cognac with which to impress the boss, or if you simply require an extreme abundance of aquavit, Surdyk's is your only sensible choice. With beer, the various micros, imports, and specialties can't even be counted, at least by the puny likes of us. And the wine? It's hard to get your head around it all, aisles and aisles of bins and bins, the rare, the common, the good, the bad. It is irresistible to go through the aisles, pulling a half-case of this thing you think you might have remembered, a half case of that. To up the ante, Surdyk's is debuting a new kind of sale in May--20 percent off all wines over $20. If that doesn't flush the collectors out of the woodwork, we don't know what will. How do they do it? With a two-story, 12,000-square-foot basement, a lot of off-site storage, a $3 million inventory, and a liquor license that's nearly 70 years old. That's how.

Location Details

303 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55414


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