If bread is the foundation of civilization, then maybe we're not all going to hell in a hand basket. Because man, we sure have a lot of great loaves! The best, perhaps, is the Twin Cities' first: the French Meadow baguette. It's of sourdough origin, substantially chewy, and wheaten with a slight tang. We mention this only because the bread is the stuff upon which French Meadow's menu is built, from thick slabs of French toast, levain piled high with grilled tuna, or ciabatta stuffed with roasted veggies. From our experience, teenage kids might favor the BLT wrap (with hickory smoked bacon) and the simple, hard-to-beat chicken quesadilla. We also keep a quart of the black bean chili in the freezer (a nod to homeland security). We've even taken the tofu sesame salad home and served it to our meathead relatives (and they liked it). We'll forgive the often-sluggish, spacey service, as well as the prices (at $8 a sandwich, this isn't the cheapest take-home meal). But it's wholesome, delicious fare, and we didn't have to plan a menu, shop, or cook. And anyway, those deep-dish frosted ginger cookies make it a happy meal, indeed.

Location Details

2610 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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