Tiburon Bistro

In a string of visits to newbie hotspot Tiburón, what impressed us most wasn't the burbling wall-of-waterfall, the enormous shark tank, or the wall that changed all the colors of a sunset on Venus (though those did impress us). To tell you the truth, what impressed us most were the sweet, attentive, intelligent, curious, and conversationally inclined servers. This is particularly remarkable because most new restaurants have fearful, perplexed, and confused servers. What gives? Turns out that Tiburón's young founders, twin brothers John and Michael Mihajlov, grew up in restaurant kitchens. And knowing what they know about the difficulty of life on the other side of the restaurant check, they provided health insurance for all their employees and put them through rigorous training. This has resulted in a staff that seems invested in the enterprise, and not like opportunistic passersby looking for the next great thing. Amazing! Overall, it also seems to contribute to a sense of ease and confidence at Tiburón, which is one of those vague, background qualities that guests feel in their bones, but perhaps never know the exact name of. So now you know: That name is good service.


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