Bakery on Grand

Move over, croissants--scones have captured the latte-and-chai crowd. Of course, a good scone is pretty hard to find. It must be gently handmade with attention to a balance of flour, butter, and cream; otherwise it's a doorstop. At the Bakery on Grand, Jessica Anderson, formerly of Lucia's, turns out delicate, tender, and crumbly scones, studded with currants and flecked with orange zest. With luck, you'll get them warm from the oven, perfectly poised to melt a bit of butter. And once you enter the remodeled old Grand Bakery, with its big sunny windows, racks of European-style bread (golden semolina, tooth-tugging boule), and vintage tables with tiny vases of roses, you might just want to sit a while and enjoy a proper afternoon tea. Now wouldn't that be loverly?


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