Everybody knows that W.A. Frost has more romance than the Love Boat, more charm than a whole factory run of that cereal the leprechaun shills for, a patio that's more beautiful than a pyramid stack of Miss Universe contestants, and more fireplaces than God in His Heaven. But did you know that W.A. Frost is a-changing? It's true. The corner locale recently debuted a wine list with scads of great choices under $30 a bottle and hired a new chef from out East (one Russell Klein, who comes to town with an impressive résumé that includes stints at legendary places like La Caravelle). Klein has reinvigorated the menu, adding luxurious classics like caramelized milk, braised pork, and merlot-braised short ribs. So what? So this: Suddenly the most classically romantic, romantically classic restaurant in the state appeals to more than just your romantic side, enticing the budget-oriented part of your intellect and the sensual part of your palate. If the mind is the most important organ of romance, Frost is suddenly playing all the right chords.

Location Details

374 Selby Ave.
St. Paul MN 55102


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