Tiburon Bistro

Here's some hot news for club kids, music lovers, and other insomniacs: Starting in early May, Tiburón will be staying open until two o'clock in the morning! And serving food the whole time! Yes, indeed they have been serving food until 1:00 a.m., and that has been lovely. But 2:00 a.m., that's after bar! So not only will you be able to get the lushest Bermuda cheeseburgers this side of a Four Seasons resort, not only will you be able to get that creamy and addictive salsa-spiced creamed corn, that perfect shrimp cocktail, those coconut-milk steamed mussels, and that remarkable "French toast" made with a chocolate banana bread and topped with roast bananas and banana ice cream--but you will be able to get them when you are drunk and slightly deaf coming out of First Avenue! People, this is a revolution! You will get to go someplace with attractive lighting, a beautiful aquarium, and appealing food. Say goodbye forever to those days when you had to go to horrible chains with lighting more suited to an operating room. Now you have the option of meeting someone at a club--or, if that doesn't work out, after it! And if your evening went really badly, you actually have somewhere sexy to go and look good while you complain about it to your friends. Just like the people in Sex in the City. If you don't understand the momentous nature of this development, you have clearly gotten too old to read this item and should immediately turn away and search for the one about the best place to eat out with your kids.


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