Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater

There are certainly more impressive (read: expensive and fancy) options, but on a very first date, who needs the pressure? (Also, more cynically, are you really sure yet that this person is worth a hundred-dollar dinner?) So allow us to suggest a more casual option, the Bryant-Lake Bowl, where you'll find all the first-date necessities and more. The food is great and reasonably priced and can accommodate anyone from vegan to raging carnivore (for those who fall in the middle of that continuum, the grilled-cheese sandwiches are excellent). And there's a perfectly fine wine list and very extensive beer selection. The noise level allows easy conversation but nicely fills those inevitable awkward pauses with laughter and clunking bowling pins. And speaking of the bowling, that's one other reason this makes a great date restaurant--if dinner goes well, you can stay and play a frame. Or, most nights of the week, take a peek at the entertainment in the adjacent theater. If you have a mutual interest in checking out the acoustic concert, improv performance, or Fringe Festival revival that's showing, maybe it's a sign that there's something there.

Location Details

810 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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