Egg and I

If food is love, the Egg and I is a great place to start the day. Here kids (of all ages) rev up their forks and dive into fat Kamikazes (pancakes laden with bananas, blueberries, and nuts). The waffles are remarkably crisp and airy, the eggs offer a lesson in the nuances of sunny side up or down and can be ordered in just about any style you choose. A plate of rancheros could feed the whole gang--but you won't want to share. In the big, bright, clattery Lyndale location the twentysomething servers are wisecracking, funny, and quick (look for them onstage). Nobody cries over spilled milk or dropped sausage. And, though you may have to hang out a little before getting a seat, once you're at a table, things move pretty quickly. The menu is long on roadhouse breakfast favorites: stacks of fluffy pancakes with honest maple syrup; homemade granola; real orange juice; and predictably thin, bodiless--but bottomless--coffee. No stupid kiddy stuff here, just delicious food, nice people, and no smoking. At about $5 a plate, it's a real family value. And enough love to last all day long.

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Location Details

2828 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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