Holy pita! How can we choose from all these different flatbreads? There's wheat, white, pocket or no (Greek style), Lebanese (square)... Plus slabs of chewy, stretchy Afghani barbari, slathered with olive oil and sesame seeds, roasted garlic, or hot spices. And the spongy, sour East African injera, made with flour from teff (the minuscule Ethopian grain). But don't stop at that. There's plenty of lavash, white or whole wheat, papery thin and pliable; matzo, dry and crisp; and the golden-brown mistah, usually served with melting butter. And, as no one lives by bread alone (even amid this grand selection), you'll want some hummus and baba ghanoush or yogurt cheese to go with it. Eastern European, North African, Middle Eastern, and West Asian foods stock this small, lively all-in-one grocery store, deli, and bakery. There's even a small seating area for deli diners. Holy Land makes its traditional breads using the owners' family recipes, just as they've been made for over a century.

Location Details

2513 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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