When it comes to quality Latino grocers in the Twin Cities, no one covers the bases quite as well as El Burrito Mercado. The produce section has quantity as well as quality, with large mounds of ripe avocados, plentiful bunches of plantains, and a sea of multi-colored chili peppers. The deli has fresh chorizo, as well as a plethora of other specialty meats. The bakery is brimming with pastries and cookies (sweet and buttery, they come in a variety of bright colors and knotted shapes, and they crumble in your mouth). As if that weren't enough, El Burrito Mercado has hard-to-find prepackaged treats from Mexico, such as wafers with cajeta (caramel made with goat's milk), fresh corn and flour tortillas, menudo spices, and masa (a corn mixture that's added to meat and cheese and rolled in a corn husk to make tamales). And of course they've got all the classic items that you can find in the "ethnic" aisle of any generic grocery store, like Jarritos soda, Abuelita hot chocolate (the one with the old lady smiling knowingly from the box), Goya products, and Gamesa marshmallow cookies. Last, but absolutely not least, the parking lot is easy to maneuver. On a busy Saturday afternoon, this last is a luxury one cannot underestimate.

Location Details

175 Cesar Chavez St.
St. Paul MN 55107


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