If you're living a life bereft of King's seafood-scallion pancake (a springy omelet stuffed with sweet squid and tender green onions), we don't know that we'd call that living. And what about that spicy, nutty pork bul go gi! Oooh, that's really living. Not only does King's have some of the tastiest tabletop treats in the Twin Cities, King's offers some of the most amusing times to be had here. Those moments usually kick in after 9:00 p.m., when the house lights go down and the pink lights come up, when you have a couple of beers and a bottle of soju in front of you (soju is like a Korean high-octane sake... Try it!), when the Korean regulars start singing in front of the television monitors running images of star-crossed lovers and cherry blossoms. Whenever that happens, we thank our lucky stars that in a world as abundant with pleasures as this one, the pleasures of kings--and the pleasures of King's--are only a short drive north.

Location Details

1051 E. Moore Lake Road
Fridley MN 55432


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