For almost 70 years, tiny Delmonico's Italian Foods in northeast Minneapolis has been the real deal. Located in a quiet neighborhood across from Polk Park, Delmonico's remains the epitome of an amiable old-school, no-nonsense neighborhood market. This decidedly isn't one of those ambitious Alice's Restaurant one-stop superstores--the place is seriously small, but crowded in the best sort of way (and with the best sort of stuff). You can't get everything you want, but what you can get is fresh, homemade pasta and sauce, sandwiches that are out of this world, great Italian sausage, and service with a smile--or at least an engaging smirk. Though Louis Delmonico has passed away, his brother George is still making regular appearances, and before you can get the door closed you can still expect to be offered deli samples and good-natured lip. Delmonico's is, in fact, so genuine that it offers the pleasantest refuge from what we now sadly and mistakenly think of as the real world. We don't need to tell you that places like this are disappearing faster than you can say goodbye. But that only makes Delmonico's even more of a local treasure.

Location Details

1112 Summer St. NE
Minneapolis MN 55413


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