Just about anything you'd need to create an authentic Indian feast can be found at Asia Imports, the Twin Cities' most inclusive ethnic grocery. Need some fasting items? Try the seeds rajagro flour or salted chana. Perhaps your recipe calls for coconut? Then choose between the ultra-fine coconut powder and the more conventional shredded variety. And maybe, just maybe, you're in a desperate search for the all-too-rare cinnamon or mustard oil (that kid at Rainbow just stared at you with a blank expression when you asked), and time is running out. Well, you know what to do. Soon enough, Asia Imports may be the first stop on your quest for raw peanuts, mango pulp, and pepsi rice. Or fresh lotus, or fig ice cream, or spicy puri, or... Well, you get the point.

Location Details

1840 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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