It's a sprawling, generous market, stacked with artisan goodies from the tip of Italy's boot to the top of its Alps. Find the likes of raw cow's-milk taleggio in all its blooming, runny glory. Or the beloved guanciale (cured pork jowl). There's a wide variety of prosciutto, as well as speck (dry-cured pork loin) and brefasola (dry-cured beef tenderloin). Plus a whole lotta pasta (boxes, bags, and cartons of dried, and an assortment of fresh handmade). The place hosts the best collection of Italian olive oil and Italian wine in the United States. Most of Buon Giorno's extra-virgin olive oils come from small, independent producers and are not available anywhere else in the country. You'll find rows of aperitifs and liqueurs (limoncello, amaretto) plus several aisles of grappa. There's also a full deli with prepared salads, meats, cheeses, and olives, and a pasta bar for an eat-in or takeout lunch.

Location Details

981 Sibley Memorial Highway
West St. Paul MN 55118


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