The first grocery store in the Twin Cities to become certified organic, the Wedge is renowned for its produce. The selection is as broad as it is deep, and everything is identified by where and how it was grown (field of origin, certified organic, transitional, conventional). The Wedge stocks more produce from more local growers than any other Twin Cities store, and profiles of the farmers and their growing practices are posted near their wares. Over the years the Wedge has cultivated relationships with sustainable growers, ensuring fair prices and encouraging a market for diverse, heirloom produce. With corporate giants squeezing into the organic niche, it's increasingly important that shoppers understand there is a real difference between the organic vegetables grown in California and trucked to Minnesota and the sustainably grown vegetables raised just a few miles from here. If it's the lowest price you're shopping for, disregard this. But if you want the freshest, most local, and most environmentally friendly produce around--as well as the information about it--then the Wedge is for you.

Location Details

2105 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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