Little Tijuana Restaurant is punk rock. It even has a punk one-chord nickname (T's, for short). The heaping portions of authentic Mexican fare provide the perfect punctuation for any situation. A late-night bite after that concert or film? Dig into the chicken and cheese dish or bean burrito platter. How about a hangover brunch or some quick vittles for that much-needed after-sex rejuvenation? Finish off with a tall glass of fried ice cream (preferably with two spoons). And where else can you draw on the table with crayons and spy other punks settling into a battered booth for the long haul? At under 10 bucks per platter, the price is a song, a pretty punk ditty. Quality, casual, and fun: Stick that on a T-shirt, and find that it fits like a dream. Gabba gabba hey!

Location Details

17 E. 26th St.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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