Have you had It yet? The newcomer? The new champ? Certainly, it's been a few years since the local scene had a new cult burger--one that can actually stand head-to-head with the legends at places like the Convention Grill & Fountain, Matt's Bar, or the St. Paul Grill. But lo and behold, here one is, a brand-new contender, in downtown Minneapolis, and chances are that if you have an office downtown, it's near it. Of course, we're talking about Ike's burger--the massive new entrant thrown into the burger ring with confidence and flair, the new legend spawned by Ike's, a restaurant and bar that's retro-to-who-knows-when (sometime between Prohibition and Disco), and serves not just burgers, but also handmade fries, and perfectly poured cocktails. If you haven't experienced the new champ yet, here's what you're missing: This burger is made from specially ground Angus beef, expertly thrown together so it's just as soft and fluffy and light as can be. It's then seared and tucked into a sweet and lightly toasted buttered bun. The whole thing is wrapped in wax paper and set on a platter with all the fixings--leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion, a dill pickle, the works. It's as big as your eyes, as filling as a week on a cruise ship, as impressive as a shiny old Packard. But then again, if you've already had it--if you've been to Ike's for the burger--sorry about that there. We didn't mean to make you drool.

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Location Details

3912 Sunnyside Road
Edina MN 55424


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