There are certain things you expect when you're indulging in breakfast at a ma-and-pa diner. Grandview Grille has them all, from reasonably priced staples like eggs over easy to the most basic of basics, like toast and oatmeal. But what makes this spot so special is the unexpected. Say, for instance, you innocently order a specialty skillet breakfast. You might be surprised when the waiter places before you a giant plate containing an omelet approximately the size of your head. Why so large, you wonder? It simply has to be in order to cram in all the yummy ingredients. The vegetarian Western comes with green peppers, onions, diced tomatoes, innumerable varieties of cheese, salsa, and mushrooms. It might appear at first that they've forgotten your hash browns. Not to worry. The golden spuds are actually somewhere inside the omelet, just waiting to be discovered in a forkful of delight. Who knew that it was possible to concoct a breakfast that yields a surprising new ingredient with each delectable bite? Still, not everyone is looking for such an intense food experience so early in the morning. The less adventuresome among us might opt for such classics as fluffy pancakes doused with butter and syrup. Or sweet, crisp, waffles. And even though Grandview Grille is usually packed on weekends, turnaround is quick, so the wait is generally brief. In the past the décor has been plain and practical, with your standard booths and a smattering of painted veggies and food-like miscellany gracing the walls. But the restaurant has spent a few weeks closed for remodeling. It'll be back in business by May 2. And we can't wait to see what's inside--as long as those skillets are still good and big.

Location Details

1818 Grand Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105


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