Joe Schmit

Yeah, like his colleagues, Joe Schmit can be a shameless booster. If he sucks up any more to Viking coach Mike Tice, they are going to wind up swapping spit on live air one day. Come to think of it, that would make for some groundbreaking TV--Ellen for the jock set. Still, the usual rules about the appropriate relationship between journalist and source don't really apply with TV sports because the interests of both parties are so commingled. To his credit, Schmit is knowledgeable, articulate, and obviously still enthusiastic about the beat. All of which explains why the veteran broadcaster has racked up 10 Emmys over the years. (He also won a National Headliner Award for coverage of the heatstroke death of Viking tackle Korey Stringer.) Finally, consider the alternatives. WCCO's hulking goof Mark Rosen has been sleepwalking for at least the past decade. KARE's Randy Shaver seems to be afflicted with an incurable smiling illness (and, compounding that tragedy, his understudy Tim McNiff was born without lips). KMSP's John Henk is credible but doesn't have jack when it comes to access to the big boys. Finally, there is Fox's Jeff Grayson. We love Grayson for his devotion to high school sports and his utterly non-telegenic manner. But we already gave him this award one time. So...three cheers for Joe.


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