The Bryant-Lake Bowl is, of course, not exclusively devoted to comedy, but it is home to some of the smartest get-your-laugh-on theater in town, from sketch comedy to one-person shows, and a lot of Fringe Festival revivals. Here's where you can catch the acerbic satire of the Ministry of Cultural Warfare, the rock 'n' roll goofs of Ferrari McSpeedy, the one-of-a-kind phenomenon of No Refunds Theatre's Kung Fu Hamlet, and many of the Twin Cities' best improv groups. Among other notably good-joke-filled productions at the BLB last year were Colleen Kruse's introspective-yet-funny Thirty Days in Frogtown, the perennial favorite Martini & Olive: Holiday Inferno!, and Joshua Scrimshaw's The Worst Show in the Fringe, starring A-list actors David Mann and Craig Johnson. Besides offering consistently high-quality work, the theater's cozy, glass-clinking atmosphere seems to make the laughter all the more intoxicating.

Location Details

810 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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