The Prima-Donns

Local public access television truly does offer an embarrassment of riches--with the emphasis on embarrassment, of course. From the virtuous and civic-minded to the indulgent and purely outrageous, the three channels of the Minneapolis Telecommunications Network offer something for the most jaded of viewers. MTN is celebrating its 20th anniversary this spring, and its survival is cause for celebration. Throughout its history the network has hosted such inimitable programs as The LaRouche Connection, Get Off My Dress, Lemmy O Live, Viva and Jerry's Country Videos, Apocalypse Cinema, and Perils for Pedestrians. But no single program has demonstrated the persistence, communal spirit, and dogged commitment to the indie ethos of cable access of this year's winner, The Prima-Donns. With a mix of wrestling, rock 'n' roll, and sketch comedy, the Prima-Donns have managed to satirize the most endearing aspects of the medium while simultaneously embracing them with the most convincing affection. Best of all, the gang behind the show always look like they're having the time of their lives, and you really do sense that they're doing what they're doing solely for their own twisted pleasure.


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