As time goes by, the Twin Cities' venerable museum of the moving image continues to play it again--Casablanca, that is, or other Hollywood classics. But, like Bogie, it's also learning to forge new and beautiful friendships. The burgeoning number of first-run area-premiere titles that have recently graced the marquee--essential documentaries such as Biggie & Tupac and The Pinochet Case, as well as new work by veteran world-cinema masters (Oliveira, Imamura, and Tsai)--has made our longtime favorite movie theater even more vital of late. But not at the expense of proven auteurs. Indeed, Welles, Lang, Buñuel, Kurosawa, Polanski, and Altman--even softcore prince Radley Metzger (Therese and Isabelle)--received the retrospective treatment in the past year. Silent films played to live musical accompaniment, extended runs of old gems in newly struck prints, a strong pair of genre-specific festivals ("Sound Unseen" and, uh, "Get Real: City Pages Documentary Film Festival")--all this has kept Oak Street worthy of Sam the piano player's dictum: "You must remember this."

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309 Oak St. S.E.
Minneapolis MN 55414


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