Like a great book or movie, a great art gallery creates a world of its own. Disbelief is suspended and new rules are put in order. In the alternative universe of Joan of Art, the law of gravity is sometimes defied. What goes up at this two-year-old gallery also comes down, but not everything inside is meant to be viewed with somber eyes. "I want art to bring joy into people's lives," says Kimber, the sculptor and painter whose jubilant work dominates the gallery. In fact, the gallery itself is one of her works. The two-story gallery/studio/home (Kimber lives upstairs with her partner, Lori) practically jumps up and down on Franklin, begging passersby to stop passing by. It's hard to say whether the row of large bronze Humpty Dumpty eggs sitting atop brick columns will grab your attention first or whether it'll be the melee of yellow, red, blue, green, orange, pink, and purple painted on this art funhouse. Once you're lured inside, you'll find a kitschy-cool poke at a former governor called "Jesse the Yolk"--it's a copy of one of the eggs sitting by the street--and "Statue of Limitations," a six-foot-high fi-gurine/fountain. You might also spot "Ain't That Good News," a bronze mobile of four robust--maybe even rowdy--female nudes dancing beneath a sun, and other works echoing art deco, Henry Moore, and African folk art. The selection available for viewing varies as new pieces are added by the prolific artist-in-residence and as pieces are sold. The gallery also exhibits work by other local artists; a show featuring the political surrealism of painter Jane Evershed will run through June 1.

Location Details

3020 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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