Ron Rosenbaum

We hesitate to give this award to Ron Rosenbaum. After all, the one flaw in his intelligent, provocative morning radio show is that he has a tendency to be, well, an arrogant blowhard. Any number of times over the last year we've been consumed by a desire to drive down to the KSTP headquarters and clamp down on Rosenbaum's tongue with a pair of pliers because he won't stop interrupting a guest. That said, we'll risk further inflating the attorney-turned-talk-show-host's ego, because he deserves the accolades. Not only did Rosenbaum (along with his morning cohorts John Wodele and Mark O'Connell) finally rid the Twin Cities airwaves of the noxious Barbara Carlson, he's also created a highly entertaining, news-oriented talk show that doesn't pander to KSTP's close-minded, conservative base. His knowledge of the Middle East is extraordinary, and he scrutinizes each new issue with a rigor and thoroughness that's indicative of a legal background. One last reason to cheer Rosenbaum: He has the audacity to point out to his audience that Ann Coulter is an obnoxious, dim, tedious media whore.


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