Fashion Avenue

"You really don't have any white dress shirts, do you?" asks the young man browsing through this large, sunny shop. "No," replies a salesman. "We get them, but they go right away." After a few minutes, the young man approaches him. "Can I ask your expert opinion?" he begins, seeking the salesman's impressions of a dark sport coat and blue dress shirt. What ensues is a heated conversation about what goes well with midnight blue and which tie might create a sedate look. That's what you've got to love about this place: Not only is the inventory topnotch (much of it looks like it just came from any one of the tony, trendy boutiques in the surrounding 50th & France shopping district), but the service is friendly. The selection is great, from a men's black double-breasted Armani sport coat ($125) to a canary yellow Polo shirt ($18) and a whole wall of ties (ranging from $16 to $36). On the women's side you might find a DKNY cashmere turtleneck ($58) or a gold, beaded Bagdley Mischka dress ($398), or a simple pair of J. Crew jeans ($12). And don't forget the entire rack of minks, long and short, from $999 to $1,800. After all, mink always goes well with midnight blue.


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