When it comes to selecting used kids' clothes that will satisfy Mom's and Dad's yupscale tastes and resist Junior's punishing ways, the powers behind this blink-and-you-miss-it storefront in south Minneapolis are possessed of a flawless eye. Sure, the designer tyke labels are well represented on these tidily organized racks. But you can get a Baby Gap blanket sleeper anywhere. What really sets Better Than Ever apart is the flyspecking that is applied to each and every one of these tiny garments at the time of consignment. Unlike the big gorilla in this category, nothing on the racks here will turn out to have weak snaps, hidden stains, or thin, worn spots once you get your purchases home. In addition, there are stocks of gently used hats, socks, footwear, and outdoors accessories, as well as a roomful of classy consignments for Mom.

Location Details

11 E. 58th St.
Minneapolis MN 55419


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