While so many thrift stores are hit-or-miss, Value Village defies the norm with an ever-changing assortment of clothing that's both interesting and (a near anomaly, considering the category) reliable. If you are on a tight budget and need a basic black sweater, there will be several in your size to choose from. Ditto for jeans and slacks for both men and women. Even a quest for a pair of shoes with plenty of good miles left is likely to pay off. Recent finds include an Express cardigan for $5.99 and near-new Levi's for $6.99. (Yes, most of the prices end in that annoying double nine, with the majority of items falling in the $3.99-$9.99 range.) The quirkiness quotient is lower at Value Village than at many secondhand stores, but there is the occasional funky find. The staff (75 percent volunteer) makes shopping this large space easy, with a handy seasonal section in front, clearly marked rows, and, in some spots, that much-loved Ragstock tradition of items grouped by color. The stock is clean, in good shape, and neatly kept, reminiscent of an Eden Prairie garage sale, but with Value Village's proceeds providing support for people with developmental disabilities.

Location Details

6528 Penn Ave. S.
Richfield MN 55423


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