Phoenix Games

True toy and game people are unrepentant geeks, proud of the depths of their obsessions and quirks. And Phoenix Games makes no apologies in catering to the whims of their fun-freak customers. Consider this haphazard list of items seen on a recent Tuesday-afternoon sojourn to the drab corner store, where ageless denizens of the game underground sat at large green gaming tables, slapping down Magic cards: authentic Gettysburg Civil War-era and Napoleon-era army men sets; a board game (one of hundreds) called Stock Market Guru; a genuine 1967 candy-apple-red Corvette 427 Roadster model kit (perhaps the coolest car ever made, though you'd have about a thousand others to choose from if you disagree); classic war games like Axis and Allies and the new Risk 2210 A.D.; several hundred books for addicts of role-playing games; model rockets of every shape and size; and an entire room of Warhammer metal figurines, who boast such occupations as flagellant, executioner, and dark rider. Though most of you would never admit it, you're likely to find something that suits your fancy.


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