There are so many variations on the tobacco lover's habit that sometimes it can be difficult to settle on a preferred method for getting a fix. Even today's range of common tobacco products--from mass-packaged cigarettes to hand-rolled cigars to leafy loose tobacco for hand-carved pipes--are really just the tip of the cigar (so to speak). After all, civilizations past have been using tobacco in myriad ways going back to its discovery 18,000 years ago. People at various epochs have drunk tobacco, snorted it (Napoleon supposedly snuffed the equivalent of 100 cigarettes a day), chewed it, licked it, and smeared it over their bodies. There is even evidence that tobacco enemas were popular in parts of South America in 500 A.D. If this all seems confusing, never fear; the fine and knowledgeable people at Golden Leaf will set you straight. If you are wondering if you might be a pipe man or a cigar fetishist (eat your heart out, Bill), they've got tons of each to choose from and are more than willing to help. If you have an interest in tobacco accouterments--like walking sticks from the old country, Czech pipe-cleaning tools, or Irish handmade pipes with little reservoirs to catch moisture--they've got 'em all. They probably don't carry enema bags, but you can ask.

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907 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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