Disabled American Veterans' thrift store

Get there while you can. If all goes as diagrammed by the urban planning pooh-bahs down at St. Paul City Hall, the Disabled American Veterans' thrift store will soon go the way of such municipal institutions as the Payne Reliever strip club and the Ace Box Bar. In its place will be a "Pan Asian Urban Village." While we're not sure exactly what that is, we are fairly certain that a massive thrift store with rock-bottom prices doesn't fit the definition. Never mind that the DAV is crawling with bargain hunters from the surrounding neighborhood-and-beyond six days a week. Where else can you purchase numerous articles of clothing for less than a buck? Or a coffee table that doubles as a chess board for five dollars? Or a black velvet painting of Kenny Rogers and a beautiful faux-oil painting of the Last Supper? Praise Jesus, indeed. The DAV stocks books, lawn mowers, bed frames, banjos, and anything else you could possible need (used long johns, anyone?). The prices make Ragstock--and even the Salvation Army--look like a high-priced emporium.


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