Ink Lab

The Ink Lab's work is so professionally executed that you might even get Granny to approve. Nothing but single-use, autoclave-sterilized needles are employed here, and all work areas are thoroughly cleaned with an anti-viral disinfectant. Sure, both of those practices seem fairly standard. But looking elsewhere, you'd be hard-pressed to find an owner/artist like Dave Dettloff, who has an MFA in drawing and painting, or an artist like Daniel T. Lowell, who has skin-decorating experience that dates back to 1986. And it's also difficult to find the kind of little-heard advice that both men will give you about aftercare. (Neosporin be damned: According to Ink Lab employees, nylons, wool, and colored socks can still destroy an ankle tattoo during its first few days of existence.) Even more comforting, those who work at the Lab will turn away anyone who doesn't meet the proper prerequisites of age or sobriety--which should make you feel good if you're the type who, after a few shots of Jägermeister, decides that a Lord of the Rings tattoo would be genius. (Sorry, Elijah Wood, too late for you!) Overall, the Ink Lab is the ideal setting for your next tattoo. Now all you've got to do is select the art you want to carry on your person for the rest of your natural life.


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