Intercontinental Video

When choosing a place to rent foreign films on video, there are really only three criteria to consider: sélection, selección, and selezióne. (Or four or five, if you know Chinese or Japanese. Or six if you know German.) That's because any Blockbuster will be apt to carry multiple copies of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Life Is Beautiful. But if you're looking to be transported to another place entirely--courtesy of, say, Yasujiro Ozu or Chantal Akerman or Ousmane Sembene--then Intercontinental Video is the ticket. And the fares are affordable, too: If you become a member of the store for $25 a year--which includes two free rentals--then most tapes rent for a mere $1.55 instead of the usual $3. Granted, the interior of this West Bank classic is still a mess, meaning that it might take a little extra time to find your obscure object of desire. But a minute or two of rummaging through dusty video boxes is a small price to pay for the whole wide world.


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