Set back from Highway 7 near the border of St. Louis Park, this eye-catching red-white-and-blue store is brimming with military history--and it's always looking to purchase more war relics from veterans or collectors. Upon entering, you're immediately engulfed in a sea of army green, from racks of uniforms to stacks of canteens. (The 25-year-old shop also rents out uniforms and equipment for special events, plays, and movies; one of its claims to fame is that its uniforms were featured in Saving Private Ryan.) Shelves are overflowing with everything from mildew-resistant combat boots ($39.95 a pair) to army and navy dress hats ($49.95 each) to protective helmets ($14.95) to leather holsters ($24.95). Much of the store is packed with books, new and used, covering everything from Troy to Napoleon, Native American conflicts to naval aviation during World War I. Whatever small bit of military history you're interested in acquiring, you'll find it here. Especially during today's troubled times, when battles and wars hit a little closer to home, this store shows that there is much to be learned about, and from, the wars of the past.

Location Details

3915 Highway 7
Minneapolis MN 55416


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