Norm Coleman's vision of a West Seventh Street revitalized by the arrival of professional hockey probably didn't include this smoke emporium. But as the area around Xcel Energy Center has filled in with bars and restaurants catering to the pre- and post-game crowds, Maharaja's has soldiered on (along with its next-door neighbor Fantasy Gifts, specializing in lingerie and sex toys), like a big middle finger to suburbanite hockey moms. The store stocks a dazzling array of devices from which to smoke your favorite "tobacco" product, everything from rolling papers to one-hitters to $250, three-person ceramic bongs. But calling Maharaja's a head shop is a bit short-sighted: It also offers a vast potpourri of merchandise, the pleasures of which are merely enhanced by drug use. You can purchase Buddha statues, tarot cards, black-light posters, Elvis trading cards, ceramic hula dancers, framed portraits of Mona Lisa puffing a joint...we could go on and on. Which makes us think that it might be better for your bank account to hold off hitting the pipe until after you pay a visit.

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205 W. 7th St.
St. Paul MN 55102


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