Okay, so you have a sudden and unexpected reconstruction project at home. Your toilet has quit on you, and it's pretty crucial that you get the damn thing up and working again (for obvious reasons). So what to do? Do you head on over to one of the mega-mart hardware conglomerates that are so common in that strip-mall region ringing the Twin Towns? After all, bigger most likely means better, right? Wrong. This is a Twin Cities toilet, my friend--installed right about the time IBM was introducing the original floppy disk and Santana was best new artist of the year. Its little internal doohickeys don't quite wanna match up to what's for sale at the big boys. That's why Seven Corners Hardware (est. 1933) will never be replaced as the Best Hardware Store in these towns of ours. Here's where you'll find exactly what you need, up near the top of one of the 14-foot-high shelves, the 1972 packaging only slightly obscured by the thick, greasy dust. And so, for about half the price of a haircut, you're on your way, one happy camper with a soon to be good-as-new crapper. True story.

Location Details

216 W. 7th St.
St. Paul MN 55102


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