Best Buy

It makes sense these days that the predominant method of shopping for electronics would itself be electronic. And the more frugal and forward-thinking prole knob-twiddlers among us are quite correct to peruse the Net to find their fetish object: It's cheaper, generally speaking, and you don't have to leave your other beloved electronics at home unattended. But when you simply can't wait those two or three days for a shipment of fresh CD-Rs to arrive (or a drive past one of countless area locations reminds you that you must put a new dust buster to work immediately), Best Buy is the place to go. Indeed, a quick flip through a stack of recent receipts reveals--rather embarrassingly, in fact--just how regularly we rely on this warehouse warhorse: Over the past few months, we've visited Best Buy for blank videotapes in bulk, an armload of Monster Cable, a pack of laser-printer cartridges, and even (gulp) a high-end Sony camcorder. Where else could you find all these items in a single day and still have your savings account at the end of it?

Location Details

15300 Cedar Ave.
Apple Valley MN 55124


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