Peter Pan

Who among us hasn't dutifully retrieved dry cleaning from a hole-in-the-wall shop, only to be confronted by stains and smells that raise doubts about whether the garments were actually cleaned at all? It's enough to make you swear off silk suits forever. But if you're not ready to give up your dry-clean-only favorites, help is at hand. Just head to south Minneapolis and look for the corner store with bright-purple awnings and a large figure of an elfin Peter Pan holding a laundry bag. The service is friendly (the clerks actually ask when you'd like to pick up your clothes, and turnaround times are quick). The prices are reasonable (clean a pair of trousers for $4.95, take care of a coat and its lining for less than $20, and launder a shirt for $1.75). And the work is topnotch (unlike many other cleaners who send clothes out to a central plant for cleaning, Peter Pan does it all on the premises). The shop also offers minor repairs and alterations. And if you've got something especially precious? Fear not. Peter Pan takes great care of even the most delicate garments, from gauzy tops to beaded dresses. Is it any wonder that local boutiques often send their customers here?


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