As yuppie as it's become to purchase "vintage wear" these days, let's face it: You're buying clothing once worn by another individual. While Via's and Lula's (of Minneapolis and St. Paul, respectively) are fun places to window-shop for that one flirty sundress to wear out on a long-awaited date, they don't cater to those who are looking to extensively increase their wardrobes for dirt cheap (uh...perhaps we should leave the word "dirt" out of this). The Ragstock Warehouse--appropriately located in Minneapolis's Warehouse District--has got it all, and in bulk. Looking for a Mr. Rogers-esque green sweater? They probably have at least 15, and in varying shades and prices (hardly anything is more than $20). It's easy to become overwhelmed. With all these choices, it's also equally easy to walk out of there ready to belong to another decade (and use vernacular like "groovy, baby").

Location Details

830 N. 7th St.
Minneapolis MN 55411


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