Used CD stores create a kind of vibrant economy that's marginally subversive but by no means underground. For instance: PR dude sends lame Staind CD to snooty music writer. Next, rent-strapped music writer cashes in disc for a buck or so. Eventually, some lucky Staind fan cheats her idols' corporate overlords out of a few bucks. But from this rather mundane trade comes a poetry of scavenging that flea-market junkies and thrift-store hounds will recognize. To those who share the hunger, the clack that follows a quick-wristed flip through CD stacks is as soothing as a rainstorm or those Environments cassettes of whale songs. As is the reassurance that comes from seeing familiar titles. It's also an emotional experience seeing the disc you've been hoping for, or your all-time faves ignominiously dumped among old BoyzIIMen discs. The full experience, of course, requires many rows of jewel-cased dross to weed through. Quite simply, Cheapo is the best because it carries the most used CDs.

Location Details

1300 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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