Tastes in used bookstores are as idiosyncratic as what each of us likes to read. Among more than a half-dozen fine options, our choice is Rag & Bone, which has a collection that is deep yet not overwhelming. More than half of the titles here are out of print ("collectibles"), but the store's buyers have the smarts and connections to keep an invigorating stream of bestsellers and reprinted classics moving alongside the first editions and other rare finds. The owner's own eclectic tastes have resulted in first-rate collections of sports, music, and architecture books, and a decent collection for children; equally impressive is staffers' discerning knowledge of almost all subject matters, which helps cull the sludge from your search process (there won't be multiple copies of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull on the premises, for example). Located in tony Linden Hills, Rag & Bone is clean but not antiseptic, funked-up by a diverse clientele that is prone to conversation on subjects ranging from batting averages to political philosophy, and fueled by java available at the adjacent Dunn Bros. If you can't make the trip to hang out and browse, e-mail the store at [email protected] for information about inventory and mail-order options.

Location Details

2812 W. 43rd St.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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