Freewheel Bike is deceptively small. From the outside, this West Bank bicycle emporium looks like a modest concrete bunker. But step inside and the array of merchandise is mind-boggling. As you circle the worker-owned store you'll keep noticing new merchandise--dangling from the ceiling, hanging perilously from racks, and stuffed into every inch of space. There are bikes here to fit everyone's tastes; you can purchase a $265 three-speed beach cruiser, a $4,000-plus two seater, or anything in between. Freewheel also stocks a redoubtable selection of helmets, tools, water bottles, and everything else you might need to keep your two-wheel machine mobile. The assortment of bells alone is more impressive than the variety of bikes available at some shops. But what really sets Freewheel apart from other bike shops goes beyond the breadth of available merchandise. Bicycle maintenance classes are offered for $60. For just $6 an hour, more advanced gear heads can utilize Freewheel's extensive assortment of tools to work on their bikes. The shop's bulletin board is a great resource for finding out about the best bike trails in town or upcoming group rides. And the staff is patient and knowledgeable, whether you're a novice or a hardcore cyclist.

Location Details

1812 S. 6th St. Minneapolis
Minneapolis MN 55454


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