Robert Robertson

Robinson has the girth and the pipes to justify his boast that he's the "Pavarotti of Gospel." This round mound of enormous sound has been awarded such a gorgeous gift from God that it's no wonder he's so devout. As director of the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir, Robinson can make song titles such as "Amazing Grace" and "On Eagles' Wings" self-evident, achieving great heights of drama and intensity without a loss of clarity as he climbs the scale. You can also hear him on more secular fare as a featured vocalist in Lorie Line's Pop Chamber Orchestra. For that matter, he can make your neck hairs stand on end warbling the national anthem before a Timberwolves game. Want proof of what we're talking about--and a wee bit of revelation to go with it? Check out Robinson and the TCC Gospel Choir at their annual Mother's Day concert at Bethel College on May 12.


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