One of the less well-reported tragedies related to global warming is the loss of sledding as a reliable winter sport. Particularly devastating is the emotional impact of this loss upon small children, who naturally find it hard to accept that their vague yet fond memories of older siblings breaking collarbones on the icy slopes must, in a snowless context, remain just that: memories. Consequently, parents and guardians who witness a marked increase in banister-sliding and other unsafe forms of cabin-fever-inspired recreation are often compelled to...well, to pray for snow. And if those prayers should go unanswered? That's where the employees of Buck Hill come in. See, they make snow. Lots of it. (All the way through late March, in fact.) And then they rent inner tubes to kids (for $10 per two-hour session, $12 on weekends and holidays), and throw in an uphill rope-tow service to boot. The aforementioned parents and guardians may then retreat to the nearby lodge for appetizers and warm libations. Allow us to quote lyrics from the classic Replacements song of the same name: "Buck Hill!/Buck Hill!"

Location Details

15400 Buck Hill Road
Burnsville MN 55306


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