Triangle Camp

Though they've garnered their fair share of laudatory ink, Brian Tester and Amanda Warner get less respect around these parts than they deserve. When Billboard called a few local record stores to gather background on the electro-pop duo, one clerk told the reporter he thought they had broken up. Why this fickle flitting away of scenesters from the Triangle camp? Maybe it's because the music on Triangle's latest disc, *, which the band had been playing for a year or so prior to its release, marked a distinct move away from the band's former sugary chirp and twitter. (Minneapolis has seemingly had a decadelong love affair with the ersatz, the sexless, and the twee.) Triangle's lunge toward an angular, herky-jerk art funk--carefully if not rigidly plotted--is a move that should please grown-ups as much as it disappoints undergrads-for-life. Since Triangle have begun working with a live drummer, * may mark the end of Triangle as we knew them. Hmm. Given the breakup rumors, maybe we should rephrase that....


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