Okay, so you've been in all day, working on your novel or your screenplay, it's hot, and you're itching to head out to see and be seen. You've got the fancy new skates and all the protective gear with nary a scratch on it, your fanny is toned and your deltoids and abs are just screaming for attention after all those February crunches. You wanna shed some clothes, fer chrissake, and sweat a little already. So where to go? Our advice: Try "the lakes." Our highly unscientific survey shows that they are, acre for acre, the most nudity- and sweat-friendly section of the Twin Cities. Day and night, at Harriet or Calhoun or Lake of the Isles, endless hordes of denuded denizens whip by on whirling skates, reveling in bare pecs, exposed midriffs, firm thighs, and tight low-rider shorts. At the Lakes, sensuality is incessant, the mating ritual in full eight-wheel glory. So join in the parade. You know you want to.


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