Sure, your chances of ending up in the sack with some hardbody on a Saturday night are better if you go to any one of the bars in town catering to gay men. You can do the beer-blurred mating dance at the Saloon or Boom or Over the Rainbow or--if you don't mind putting up with a bunch of drunk, slumming heterosexuals--even the Gay 90's. It's the path of least resistance for heteros and homos alike, and undoubtedly a few of the hundred-plus parishioners at Spirit of the Lakes on any given Sunday morning were so engaged the previous evening. But at least they have the decency to drag their asses out of bed and do something constructive! Founded in 1988, Spirit of the Lakes caters to the GLBT community with a brand of theology that's focused more on social justice than religious glorification, performing all kinds of valiant community service, including providing food and shelter to the less fortunate. Put down that bourbon and save your money for the collection plate! Maybe you'll meet a nice, cute Christian boy.

Location Details

2930 13th Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55407-1420


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