Arena Health Club

On weekends during the summer, getting a run on is no problem. As local ballers know, it's the other eight months of the year that can be tricky. For those with game (and some serious dime), the Arena Health Club in Target Center is becoming legendary, as it attracts the cream of local high school and college talent, along with the occasional slumming T-wolf. At a comparatively meager three bucks, though, the Tuesday night pickup games at Farview Park's rec center are a nearly equitable, and far more economical, choice, as a fair number of budding high school stars and junior-college hoopsters are often on hand to test your hops. For outdoor ball, meanwhile, Farview has two half-courts, which might not be much to look at, but often offer a high level of competition and a great view of the downtown skyline. Best of all, there's an adjacent barbecue pit to help wash down the Gatorade.


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