In this town, even the Irish pubs host open mics. But if you're serious about your slam, head to the Cultural Center of Minnesota, where you can find experienced hosts and an audience that understands the art. Twin Cities spoken-word/music ensemble Edu-Poetic Enterbrainment--formerly the innovators behind Jazzville's open mic--hold the event every second and fourth Saturday of the month. Within a nonsmoking, non-drinking, all-ages, beginners-welcome environment, you can hear everything from a Shakespearean trip to free-verse kiss-and-tell. Edu-Poetic maintains an attentive and unintimidating atmosphere that seems lost upon more competitive open mics: Audiences whoop and holler their support so enthusiastically that you feel like a regular Saul Williams when you're done performing. And as an unexpected plus, the Cultural Center offers a "dollar meal" during the performances. What more could a struggling wordsmith want?

Location Details

3013 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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