Hundred Flowers

Long live the Twin Cities music scene! And I do mean scene. Judging by the cult following of fashionistas that frequent the Hundred Flowers' shows, the band's performances are as much about manipulating visual delights as aural ones. Still, if a band that plays as well as the Hundred Flowers can generate such a sizable following, then hooray for the Urban Outfitted public's music taste! With garage anthems dipped in Nuggets sauciness, the Minneapolis quartet has made the most of fuzzy guitars, bittersweet melodies, and punk-funk sensibilities. Frontman Marc Landry yawps and hops around so frenetically you'd think he had shoe bombs nestled beneath his toes. Indeed, the Hundred Flowers put on a glam slam--the kind of performance that seems to comment upon the Velvets as much as it irons out the Kinks it wears on its sleeve. Though the band formed a few years back, 2001 saw the release of their CD-R debut Live at the Fireside Bowl, and their first real attention from listeners. Yet the fact that a good portion of the concert-going public has yet to see their shows remains puzzling. Let's hope the Hundred Flowers don't remain a scene not heard.


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